Experiments in Meteor

Tinkerings with the Meteor Javascript Framework

Hello! I’m Nick Riebeek, and ‘Experiments in Meteor’ is a blog focused on the Meteor Javascript Framework.

I’ve been a professional software developer for over a decade, pretty much exclusively working with .NET.

For awhile I’ve been interested in working on my writing skills and a blog seemed like a good place to start, the result is ‘Experiments in Meteor’. Meteor caught my eye awhile back and I’m really impressed with the framework and the potential it shows. My day gig is still in .NET so I consider myself a beginner in many ways when it comes to Meteor, as a result most of the posts on ‘Experiments with Meteor’ will be in the beginner - intermediate range of ability. If you’ve got a basic understanding of Meteor you should be good to go!

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